hali99 The CEO'S Cold wife
Rose was the greatest assassin, Genius Scientist and hacker killed by her step brother and reborn into another world, different dimension that is so called earth, and a different body of a business women (Aisha) who had accomplished everything but lost hope. Aisha's boyfriend cheated on her with her vary own sister who she loved dearly. She then tried to commit suicide. The two people she loved the...
goodlion Divine Talent Born Mortal
Follow the story of how Zhang Yi fought from the land with many wars on his journey up his way to become an immortal. ---------------------------- Personal donations at this link /cgi-bin/webscr?cmd_s-xclick&hosted_button_idWL9SPHQ25ZPBW&sourceurl
AndikaIndra Dropped : Reincarnated As Kuroko
An university student was crossing over to Tetsuya Kuroko's body with system. Follow his adventure to stop murder case, invasion and building a nation.
_Transcendent Transcending the Martial Peak
A normal college student life takes a whole new turn as a new era begins. Adjusting to the Cruel and Beautiful World, he embarks on the journey Surpassing everything and everyone along the journey. The world becomes an enticing and frightening playground. The legend has begun. Join the MC in his journey as the story unfolds with adventure, comedy, love, excitement, and tension. Give it a try and...

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